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A cup brimful of scents, colours and flavours can improve our mood, even on the greyest days! Here you will find our mood enhancing blends. Seeing is believing!

Gold Collection: a luxurious bundle of hugs.

Exciting and majestic, fragrant and regenerating. These are the exclusive blends of our Gold Collection. A luxurious hug for your soul, a sensual experience that satisfies every sensibility.

Capriccio is a sensual and extravagant blend of black teas from India, Ceylon and China, an ode to beauty in its highest sense. Princes and Princesses embodies the magic of the world of princes and princesses: a joyful and elegant blend that contains top quality ingredients and 23 Kt. gold leaf. Finally, we have celebrated the greatness of Queen Victoria by creating a blend and enriched with 23 Kt. gold and silver leaf, Victoria. A cup of Victoria is the luxury for a few, every moment must be enjoyed.

The 7 Teas of Rome: an invitation to happiness

What makes us happy if not love? For this Rome in Love, the second component of our 7 Teas of ​​Rome collection is an ode to love, feminine beauty and happiness. Its scent of vanilla and orange blossom makes it sweet and seductive.

The black tea blend Vacanze Romane, dedicated to Piazza di Spagna, is romantic and velvety. Its rose and vanilla scent conquers the heart and leaves a secret smile.

The magic of our history

Special Blend is the representation of our past which began in 1893 with Isabel Cargill and Anna Maria Babington, and the symbol of our future: Special Blend is our very first blend and still today one of the most loved. Highly recommended for an awakening of the senses with citrus scents and nuances of cocoa and caramel, which help to bring on a good mood.

But there is another tea that tells of us. It is a simply magical mixture, dedicated to the dream of our two founders and their commitment to their enterprise. Black teas are expertly blended with rose, vanilla, elderberry, honey, myrtle and juniper berries to give us this wonderful blend. We are, of course, talking about our inimitable Miss Babington 125th Anniversary blend, it speaks to us of Babingtons and of our mission to serve quality tea with passion.

Happiness in a cup of tea

An intoxicating concentration of scents, irresistible colours and unforgettable flavours: it certainly cannot be said that our blends are dull! Just think of our Rainbow Tea, where black tea meets orange peel, almonds and peach, it becomes a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

Sweet Temptation plays the seduction game between black tea, cocoa, strawberry, vanilla and rose-hips thus giving life to a truly irresistible blend.

Tea time should be a moment of pleasure, a break in which to shut out everyday stress. So sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Autumn Symphony in front of the fire. Take care of yourself.

Amongst our most popular blends Earl Grey Imperial will transport your mind to far off places. Treat yourself to the scent of bergamot and lemon peel with a cup of Earl Grey Imperial, relax and start over with a positive attitude!

Calming Green teas for a balanced humour.

Did you know that green tea can help you ease tension and reduce mood swings? An excellent reason to try Blue Lady, one of the most requested Babingtons blends, adored for its heady scent and its sweet and refreshing taste. Chinese green tea is combined with rhubarb, strawberries, figs, cherries and pineapple and becomes a true concentration of joy.

For a refreshing and healthy moment we recommend our blend Citrus Blossom, Sencha tea, flower petals, orange and lemon peel are at the service of your physical and mental well-being. Take a break from everyday stress and enjoy your tea time.

Iced Teas: bring on the optimism

Hot weather makes for frayed tempers and elevated stress levels. Safer to run for cover with an excellent iced tea, to recharge your batteries and face the day with a smile.

Sunny Peach is as delicious and pleasant as a sunny day. When black tea and peach are fused in this delightful blend it will turn your day around. Cherry Rose is created by blending Sencha green tea with rose and cherry petals giving it freshness and elegance to help the mind and body to look at life with a positive attitude. Try these both hot and ice-cold!

Blends of good humour

We have selected two teas and one herbal tea designed for the summer in a single box. Summer Break Box contains five Blue Lady filters, five Moroccan Secret filters and five Forest Fruits filters. Which will be your favourite?

Love oneself

Learning to love yourself is the first step in the process of growth and personal strength. Start with our Detox Tisane which combines the benefits of its ingredients with a truly unique taste. Immerse yourself in our blend of peppermint, chamomile, liquorice, echinacea ... And start over, better than before!