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Spirit of Adventure

Discovering the magic of tea!

Discover unknown combinations, immerse yourself in exotic fragrances, venture unexplored flavours: tea is discovery, adventure, travel. We will not disappoint those of you bored with the usual teas, those of you who are looking for a new and satisfying taste experience. Start a journey to the most original and surprising Babingtons blends. Fasten your seatbelts..

A first class trip, our Gold Collection

An extraordinary and unique experience, a small luxury in the world of tea. Savouring these precious hand-crafted blends of the Gold Collection we admit, is not for everyone.

The journey starts from the first limited edition tea in our collection: Capriccio, sensual, floral and irresistible, but also unpredictable and extravagant for its spicy scent and its hints of smokiness. Definitely a very imaginative blend!

Next up we have Princes and Princesses a majestic and joyful ode to the enchanted kingdoms of princes and princesses, of kings and queens. Flower petals, pieces of fruit and a touch of 23 Kt. gold transform this blend into a true fairy tale, to be lived in full to discover its ending.

Our final stop celebrates the greatness of a woman who was queen, empress, leader. Victoria is a majestic blend, with an intense bouquet of violet flowers and spices, and embellished with 23 Kt. gold and silver leaf. A truly exciting discovery.

Destination: Colosseum

When we created The 7 Teas of Rome, we wanted a powerful and brilliant blend to represent the Colosseum. Thus The Emperor's Tea came into being. Black teas from China, India and Ceylon are naturally perfumed with orange blossom, red fruits, cinnamon and ginger. The power of black tea is mixed with the elegance of flowers, the scent of vanilla, the unpredictability of red pepper: a taste to be explored.

An adventurous day with our teas

Blends designed for every moment of the day so even the dullest of days becomes a unique journey of taste and olfactory bliss.

We need a good energy boost to kick start the day. Shifts, office, appointments, meeting, they all take on another flavour when faced with a steaming cup of with a cup of Morning Blend, a brilliant and powerful blend of Ceylon black teas, known for their intense and citrusy aftertaste.

Another energetic and fruity blend, with notes of spicy incense, malt and honey is our Diamond Jubilee Imperial Breakfast tea. Powerful and decisive, this blend is an elegant Babingtons tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Vivacity, energy and curiosity are fundamental ingredients for every adventure.

Both blends are available in a 150 g airtight tins and in a 100 g ziplock packages.

Afternoons often bring on a sense of weariness, our concentration starts to wander, we need a boost. This is the time for a robust and energetic tea, like our Scottish Blend tea, which will do the job nicely. Get ready for a journey of taste between black teas and a citrus, honey and malt aftertaste. And if you want the adventure to become sweeter, well, you should come and visit us at our Tearooms, where you can enjoy our Scottish Blend and freshly baked scones, jam and whipped cream.

Afternoon Blend makes for a fanciful and extravagant adventure. It is the story of noble Darjeeling teas mixed with the famous smoked Chinese black tea Lapsang Souchong. The result: a velvety and curious tea, to be sipped during the afternoon, to transform the ordinary day into a new adventure.

The scent of adventure

Through our olfactory senses we can recognise and remember aromas from our childhood, discover unexplored paths, even fall in love! Here are our blends with intense and intoxicating scents, capable of winning the hearts of our fellow adventurers!

Gunpowder Chinese green tea scented with Moroccan mint leaves: this is our Moroccan Secret and it will transport you on a journey through the magic of Arabian nights. A truly refreshing blend, a pleasure for the nose and the palate. You can buy Moroccan Secret in a 150 g airtight tins, a 100 g ziplock package and in handy biodegradable pyramid filters (15 pcs)

We journey even further east with Karha Chai blend, a true gift from India. Assam black tea is enriched with cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon and ginger. A world of perfumes right under your nose: all you have to do is allow yourself to be won over by its irresistible flavour!

One of our most delicious and enticing blends is Sweet Temptation. This blend has a truly delightful scent and an unforgettable taste: cocoa, strawberry, vanilla, elderflower and rosehip seduce Ceylon black tea and make it unique. A simply unforgettable experience!

A dip into our iced teas

Are you ready to challenge the icy waters of our cold teas? We guarantee that it will be a wonderfully pleasant, refreshing and uplifting adventure.

We start from our blend Moroccan Secret which is packaged in a colourful tin of 70 gr. It is greatly appreciated for its versatility, it is delicious both hot and cold!

Discover a plant widely used and better known in England: Rhubarb. By blending rhubarb and Darjeeling black tea we have come up with a deliciously thirst-quenching iced tea, namely Red Rhubarb with its unmistakable slightly sour taste. A flavour to be explored!

Exploring our herbal teas

For the more high-spirited, adventurous souls with little truck for the mundane, we would recommend two of our more intense and tasty herbal teas.

The first is the famous South American herbal tea named Mate. It is a perfect energy boost and is highly reminiscent of Latin America. Vámonos!

The second blend is an invitation to loose oneself in a tasty forest of fruits and berries: this is our Forest Fruits blend, best loved for its fresh natural flavour. It is available in 100 gr.boxes or in packs of 15 biodegradable pyramid filters. An adventure to be enjoyed at any time of the day.