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Madame Blue Lady Tea - Soft Pack

Green tea
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All-natural, sweet, floral, fruity green tea
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Typology :
Scented blend of green tea
Presentation :
All-natural, sweet, floral, fruity green tea
Character :
Scented, fruity
Preparation :
Quantity: 2g for 150 ml of water Temperature: 90 ° Infusion: 2-3 minutes
Tips :
We recommend drinking this tea alone or with a little sugar
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All-natural, sweet, floral, fruity green tea.

This mouthwatering, all-natural blend of Chinese Sencha green tea has a rich, floral cherry blossom note which blended in with hints of soft tropical fruit gifts us with a healthy and at the same time flavoursome blend. Like all Babingtons blends, the Madame Blue Lady recipe is unique and prepared with carefully sourced ingredients, coming from trusted suppliers, mixed and packed in the United Kingdom.

Introduced in Babingtons exclusive tea selection in 2001, it immediately became a favourite, because it is both healthy and delicious at the same time.The typical flat green leaves of Chinese Sencha tea are blended with blue cornflowers, calendula petals, mango, pineapple and safflower treating you to an explosive, fragrant, luscious cup.

  • Taste: extraordinarily fragrant, sweet and fruity
  • Predominant Hints: strawberry and cherry
  • Colour: amber
  • Goes well with: Sweets: lemon pie, pavlova, Victoria sponge, shortbread, cheese cake, carrot cake, scones
  • Time of day: ideal all day
  • Beneficial properties: Green tea is the oldest of the tea categories and is produced mostly in China, with the buds of the Camelia Sinensis or with the bud and the first young leaves. Once the leaves are plucked, they are left to oxidize slightly before the process is stopped either by dry heat or by steam (Japan). Because green teas are only slightly oxidized they keep all the healthy benefits of the Camelia Sinensis, such as polyphenols, antioxidants, fluorides, minerals and vitamins.
  • Recommended teapots: porcelain or glass

Madame Blue Lady was created in the early 2000 and has been a favorite ever since!

This mouthwatering, all natural blend of Chinese Sencha green tea has a rich, floral cherry blossom note which blended in with hints of soft tropical fruit gifts us with a healthy and at the same time flavoursome blend. A super healthy, delicious tea! But who is Madame Blue Lady? She is our elegant, stylish client, she who lives a healthy life style, without having to give up on good things. She who loves teas, she who has been so inspirational for Babingtons all these years.

She exudes calm, serenity, trust & quiet confidence – she doesn’t have to try too hard & remains understated and assured at all times. Of course, there is also a twinkle in her eye & a hint of a smile on her lips as she enjoys Madame Blue Lady whilst observing the world around her. Chinese Sencha tea is mostly grown in the south of China and differs from the famous Japanese Sencha because the leaves are treated and processed differently. In fact in China the oxidation of the leaves is blocked by pan frying, whereas Japanese green teas are traditionally steamed. There are many other reasons why the two Sencha teas, which come from the same plant, are so different (the terroir, the altitude, the cultivars), but generally speaking Chinese Sencha tea is more grassy and delicate than the more marine Japanese Sencha, and a perfect base for a deliciuos, healthy blend.

Madame Blue Lady is the perfect answer to those of you in search of wellbeing andlifestyle in a cup!