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Our tea and herbal teas for a burst of energy

Introducing you to our invigorating blends! Strong and intense, these blends will stimulate your concentration and improve your performance in everyday life. They are perfect to sip in the morning at breakfast, during a break or whenever your get up and go has got u and gone!

Gold Collection: a luxurious break

Your tea break has never been so luxurious or self indulgent.

Capture a charge of energy and strength from these luxurious novelties: the three precious hand-made blends of our Gold Collection are a concentrate of energy, sensuality and luxury.

Enjoy a cup of Capriccio, extravagant and original. Princes and Princesses, regal and joyous. Victoria, majestic and intense. It is a unique experience you will never encounter anywhere else in the world except at Babingtons.

Limited edition blends can also be purchased together, in the Gold Collection pack. An indulgent folly for tea lovers and a truly unique experience.

But first... Tea!

It is important to start your day in the right tack and with Babingtons energising blends you simply can’t go wrong. Our blends will wake up even the greatest sleepy heads and are not only perfect in the mornings, but also spot on for an energising afternoon break.

Here you are spoilt for choice! Will it be a powerful, lively black tea blend? Our Morning Blend, Special Blend and Diamond Jubilee Imperial Breakfast are ideal for breakfast, perhaps paired with our delicious biscuits.

For a tasty afternoon break we recommend Afternoon Blend, a slightly smoky sweetish tea, or Autumn Symphony, a fragrant blend to sip in front of the fire during the long autumn afternoons.

If you're looking for harmony and freshness, you'll adore White Passion, an exquisite blend of Pai Mu Tan white tea, pear, peach and exotic fruits.

You will find all our energising tea blends in our elegant collectible Babingtons tins.

If you prefer a smaller combination, we recommend that you purchase our packets.

For example, have you ever tried our Scottish Blend? A truly powerful blend, our tribute to Scotland, the land of Isabel Cargill, one of the two founders of Babingtons. We are sure you will be won over!

And if you want to explore more distant lands through a sip of tea, Karha Chai’s perfumes and spicy flavours will take you to India.

Special Blend and Imperial Earl Grey are also available in convenient over-wrapped pyramid-shaped filters which preserve the freshness and quality of the product to a higher standard. Perfect for those who are busy all day but don't want to miss an energising break in the company of Babingtons tea.

A concentration of energy from our 7 Teas of Rome

Three of our 7 Teas of Rome will give you concentration of energy in a tea cup. This is our exclusive selection of teas made with 100% natural flavours, and dedicated to Rome.

Arrivederci Roma is a wonderfully refreshing blend of Chinese white tea. Its irresistible scent of lemongrass and bergamot will give you a great start to the day.

Michelangelo’s Universe is a strong and harmonious blend, created to celebrate the majesty of the Sistine Chapel. Despite being a strong and energetic blend, oolong tea contains less caffeine. So don't worry: you can enjoy it in peace even in the late afternoon.

Finally, Vacanze Romane is made up of 7 black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China and will give you the boost you need, while its natural rose and vanilla scent will relax you and keep up your concentration levels!

Recharge yourself with our ice-cold teas

Get yourself back up to speed during the hot summer season with our Babingtons blends based on black teas and designed to be served iced.

Our Red Rhubarb is a superbly refreshing blend of Darjeeling and rhubarb black tea and Sunny Peach will not disappoint you with its delicious black tea from Ceylon and peach flavours.

Our herbal teas: wellbeing and energy!

Finally, these are our energising teas: Mate the classic and famous South American herbal tea; Invigorating, firm and spicy with ginger, Yerba mate, cinnamon, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and chilli; Circulation, spicy and very good for the circulation. They share a strong and intense taste. Not sure which one to choose? The solution is to try them all!