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A tea for body and mind

Tea is not just good to drink, but it is also good for the body and mind. It is a panacea for our health: it favours digestion and is very good for keeping us looking younger. It also helps us achieve peace of mind and spiritual well-being whilst maintaining mental and physical balance. Drinking tea is a ritual of purification, an attention to one's soul, an opportunity to stop, reflect and start again. Seeing is believing: here are the teas that we recommend to uplift your spirit.

An exclusive, luxurious, mystical experience

Our unique Gold Collection in limited edition is composed of vintage, precious and hand crafted teas. Savouring one of these teas is a sublime experience, a luxury of the few.

Vintage black teas from India, China, Ceylon and Africa, flowers, fruit, a touch of spice, 23 kt gold: like a spell, these ingredients blend and create a regal Princes and Princesses blend. Vibrant and unique, a luxury for one's self.

Intense and majestic, Victoria is the wonderful blend of vintage black teas, created in honour of Victoria, Queen, Empress and leader. The majesty and courage of the Queen are represented by the inclusion of such invaluable ingredients as 23 kt gold and silver, by the care taken during the process of preparation by hand, and by the intoxicating and sensual scent of violet petals and spices. A tea destined for noble spirits

A story of commitment, passion and values

Babingtons is a story of commitment, quality, values ​​and love for tea. We wanted to speak to you of the magic of our first 125 years through the sublime blend of black teas scented with vanilla, rose, elderberry, honey, myrtle and juniper: that's how Miss Babington 125th Anniversary was born. The story of Anna Maria Babington and Isabell Cargill is very inspiring and the tea made in their honour is simply magical, capable of regenerating the spirit whilst refreshing and relaxing you.

The magic of Rome in the cup

Rome, the unrivalled capital of an empire, the home of history, art and history of art unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The most beautiful city in the world.

For the glory of The Eternal City we have chosen to dedicate a whole line of teas.

With the 7 Teas of Rome we hope to have achieved the demonstration of respect and regard we feel this city deserves.

These exceptional blends should be enjoyed in total peace and tranquility.

We begin our sensory tour with an extraordinary tea, a real diamond amongst teas, Arrivederci Roma is a wonderful blend of white teas scented with lime, lemongrass and bergamot. Dedicated to the magnificent Trevi Fountain, it is perfect to be enjoyed during moments of meditation, because it is delicate and unobtrusive.

The Michelangelo’s Universe was created to celebrate the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. The mixture, composed of oolong tea from Taiwan and China and naturally perfumed with mint and blueberries, tells of the artistic treasure preserved in the Vatican City and the unparalleled mastery of Michelangelo.

Among the 7 Teas of ​​Rome that enrich your desire for spirituality, we find In Tea Veritas , in which Pinhead Gunpowder green tea in its purest form meets the natural scent of lavender, mint and vanilla and together they celebrate La Bocca della Verità and loyalty, one of the highest and noblest values.

Love, an uplifting sentiment

A mixture of green tea with blueberry petals, papaya and rose petals to represent love, the most celebrated emotion of all time: Lovers Tea purifies and satisfies the senses and the spirit. Unforgettable, like a wonderful love story.

An herbal tea to reduce stress

Stress, worries and commitments put a strain on our mood during the day. We therefore recommend a calming and refreshing herbal tea, able to alleviate tension and anxiety, Lemon Verbena, a panacea for finding your essence, your spirit.

Our Feel Good filter selection

The basis for cultivating one's spirituality is to feel good. Babingtons has selected a tea and two herbal teas for your physical and mental well-being, packaged in practical biodegradable pyramid over-wrapped filters. Feel Good, Look Good contains Pinhead Gunpowder, Forest Fruits and Sleepy. The Pinhead Gunpowder Bio is a powerful organic green tea, ideal to keep us focused whilst relaxing. Forest Fruits is one of the most popular Babingtons infusions, based on red fruits for extra vitamins and antioxidant. Sleepy, on the other hand, is our good night's relaxing, soothing and detox herbal tea. An inner and outer well-being. Handy!