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Happy birthday Prince Harry!

Happy birthday Prince Harry!

We are ready to celebrate a very special event for the Royal Family: on September 15th Prince Harry will turn 34! But the best news for us is that for the first time he will celebrate his birthday next to his wife, the charming Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

And our little gift is a very special tea: On The Wings Of Love, our most precious blend, with 23kt gold.

 Happy birthday Prince Harry!

This is a very special year for us. It is the year in which we celebrate the 125th anniversary of our birth, since two English ladies arrived in Rome with 100 pounds and founded the first tea room in Italy. From that moment we have celebrated tea and its culture with love and devotion, experimenting with new blends with a thousand aromas and scents. To do this we have always been inspired by our passion for tea and by the events we discreetly observed from our ancient tea room in Piazza di Spagna. Among these, of course, we could not remain indifferent to the event of the year that brings us back to our homeland.

We refer naturally to the

Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which took place on May 19th. A union that made people discuss, move, but above all dream. A union that we wanted to honor with an exclusive blend, On the Wings of Love. And just these days, waiting for Prince Harry to celebrate his birthday for the first time together with his other half as husband and wife, we want to pay homage again to this wonderful couple with the scent of a unique and very precious blend.

On The Wings of Love: have you ever tasted a tea with 23kt gold?

For this special blend we could only choose the black tea , the type we have always loved and the first to be been prepared and served at the tables of our ancient tea room. On The Wings of Love is a magnificent blend entirely hand-blended, made with leaves from the best tea gardens in India,

China, Ceylon and Africa, selected by us personally. To enrich them, the aromatic power of the petals of peony, Gallic rose, cornflower, elderberry, forest rose and Turkish rose. And again, pieces of apple, lemon peel from Amalfi, wild strawberries, vanilla, juniper, myrtle, vetiver, cedar, ylang ylang, red pepper. But what makes this blend truly special is its royal ingredient: 23kt gold!

 Happy birthday Prince Harry!

On The Wings Of Love is tea for dreamers and lovers. Each ingredient blends with the others in perfect harmony, creating a precious and unique mix, just like love. And this is our present that we want to give to Prince Harry on his first birthday next to his wonderful bride.