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Daiquiri Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

Daiquiri Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

This year Babingtons newest innovation are our Tea Cocktails. We resolved to study, design and create a brand new line of long drinks and cocktails prepared with our exclusive blends to go hand in hand with our Victorian Happy Hour , and to enable us to offer our clients a more contemporary and enjoyable way to celebrate Tea Time.

Daiquiri Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

Our refreshingly delicious Tea Cocktails are perfect to enjoy with the coming summer season. We would like to introduce you to Babingtons Daiquiri, a play on the originalDaiquiri, using rum flavoured teas. Daiquiri is a simple cocktail, traditionally made with rum, sugar and lime. It's origins can be found in the Caribbean, more specifically in Cuba towards the end of the nineteenth century. However it's past is almost controversial and somewhat legendary as opinions are divided as to whether the name Daiquiri is in fact the name of a Cuban beach or that of a small village on the island.

Daiquiri Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

Whichever side you are on it is one of “mixology’s” best loved and valued cocktails because of its very simplicity. Our Daiquiri is made with rum flavoured tea, and so it occurred to us that nothing could be better suited than our Babingtons Special Blend , our oldest and best loved tea, whether drunk hot or cold. This extraordinary blend perfectly balances the citrus flavours of Ceylon, the musky essence of Darjeeling with the hints of cocoa and caramel of Keemun. It's strong citrus flavours are a perfect match for rum, giving it a very singular and unique taste.

Daiquiri Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

How does one flavour rum with tea? By infusing 15g of Babingtons Special Blend into half a litre of rum. The tea must steep for at least four hours after which the rum will be ready for your cocktail. We have used it to prepare a Daiquiri however the possibilities are infinite! Here is our recipe for Babingtons Daiquiri with tea.


- Ice

- 1.5 oz Babingtons Special Blend infused rum

- ¾ lime

- ½ oz sugar syrup


1) Add 15g of Babingtons Special Blend in½ lt of Rum and leave it to infuse for 4 hours

2) Chill the glass with ice

3) Pour ingredients into the cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds

4) Remove the ice from glass and pour in the cocktail from the shaker