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White tea a timeless classic


Also at Babingtons, white tea is a timeless classic, loved for its delicacy and its sweet scent according to the different varieties of leaves used in processing. In addition to the pleasantness of its flavor, white tea is attributed many energizing and invigorating properties, essential during recovery periods and during season changes. What are its main characteristics and how does the processing take place?

What is white tea and what are its main characteristics?

Among the different types existing, that of white tea is considered the most valuable. Because? Because white tea is produced only with the first buds of the tea plant (Yin Zhen) or with the bud and the first two leaves still very young (Bai Mu Dan) . In both cases the leaves do not undergo any oxidation process, but only a prompt drying.

White tea a timeless classic

White tea derives its name from the slight whitish down present on the buds before flowering. The infusion obtained appears instead of light yellow, with more or less dark shades depending on the variety of leaves used. A tea therefore very pure, delicate and at the same time rich in all the qualities of the tea plant.

White tea as a precious ally, especially during the recovery period

September is considered the "recovery" period for everyone. In this period of the year, also thanks to the change of season, it is very common to feel a little tired and less fit than usual. It is also the moment in which the main work activities resume, following the summer holidays, and our body finds itself in the condition of having to get used to more intense days and rhythms.

White tea, in these cases, represents a valid ally 100% natural. Thanks in fact, white tea stimulates concentration and memory increasing our daily productive energy, both physical and mental, due to the well-known energizing power due, in addition to the presence of caffeine, to a substance called L-theanine. 'taking this drink can therefore be a real panacea for our psycho-physical well-being.

A cup of tea as a pleasant moment of relaxation and sharing

Perhaps it is precisely in the most stressful times of the year that we (re) discover the pleasure of giving ourselves a break from the daily rhythms and indulging in some well-deserved relaxation. A cup of good tea, perhaps accompanied by classic shortcrust pastries or a slice of cake, probably represents the moment of peace and serenity par excellence. It is precisely classical literature that has suggested and described to us over the centuries the pleasure and well-being of finding oneself while enjoying one of the oldest drinks in the world. After all, the most beautiful things in life are also the simplest! And enjoying the pleasure of sipping a cup of white tea in tranquility, as a timeless antidote to the frenetic and pressing rhythms, is among the most beautiful things you can give yourself!

White tea a timeless classic

Tell the truth: reading these lines didn't you feel like a good cup of white tea, delicate and fragrant? You can enjoy it in our historic tea room in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, or buy the blend and prepare it at home. A little tip: consume pure white tea, without adding milk or sweeteners.

White tea: Babingtons blends

Babingtons has always had a predilection for “noble tea”: its typical aroma, its benefits, its versatility. Among the many blends available, we recommend two blends based on white tea not to be missed: Goodbye Rome! and White Passions.