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Gin Fizz Iced Tea Cocktail recipe

Gin Fizz Iced Tea Cocktail recipe

Would you like to discover the very best summer cocktails? Today we would like to tell you about our version of Gin Fizz. As you know, this year we have launched into Tea Cocktails and as gin is one of the best loved drinks of the English how could we not create a gin based recipe. There are so very many gin based cocktails amongst which and foremost are the classic Gin and Tonic, fondly known as G and T, and Gin fizz where tonic is substituted with club soda and fresh lemon juice.

The origins of Gin Fizz as well as Gin and Tonic go back in history and they are thought to have been invented by ship’s officers of the British Navy during the colonial era. They took to drinking gin to fight off the tropical diseases they encountered on their long voyages. Lemon juice was added in an attempt to combat scurvy which was a constant bane on sailors of those times. Numerous variants were derived from this primordial “cocktail” amongst which, of course, Gin Fizz.

Our Cherry Rose Gin Fizz has been created by giving Gin a tea flavour, more specifically, Cherry Rose flavour from one of our very own Babingtons Iced Teas range. Cherry Rose is a blend of Sencha green tea, rose petals and cherries. Both these ingredients adapt perfectly to give the highest quality Gin this unique scent, obtained by infusing the green tea leaves for at least four hours. Here is our unique Cherry Rose Gin Fizz recipe:


  • 1.5 oz Cherry Rose infused Gin
  • ¾ oz lemon
  • ½ oz sugar syrup
  • 10cl Club Soda
  • A tuft of fresh mint, mixed citrus slices and a Cherry for decoration.


1. Add 15g of Cherry Rose in ½ lt of Gin and leave it to infuse for 4 hours

2. Fill a tumbler with ice

3. Pour the infused Gin, lemon and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker

4. Shake for at least 30 seconds

5. Pour into the tumbler

6. Top the tumbler up with club soda and stir

7. Add straws

8. Garnish with mint, citrus slices and a Cherry