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Tea Smoothies

Tea Smoothies

Let’s start with making distinctions. A smoothie is not a milk shake or a coolie or a fruit and vegetable extract, nor is it a sorbet. A smoothie is a smoothie! To put it simply a smoothie is a fresh fruit or vegetable drink without the addition of milk. In some cases ice cream or yoghurt can be used to give it a frothy, creamy texture. A real cure- all for your body and all the vitamins and fluids you need in one drink.

Tea Smoothies

Amongst its many defining characteristics a smoothie should be made with crushed, not cubed ice and should be drunk ice cold and as soon as it is made so as not to lose its goodness and its natural frothiness. It is impossible to count how many varieties of smoothie can be made if you take into consideration the fact that there is no fruit or vegetable that can't be used for this concoction. Though delicious in itself there is nothing to stop you adding to its sumptuousness with a little dried fruit, either whole or chopped or some spices.

Tea Smoothies

We absolutely love this fresh and healthy drink and we simply had to include it in Babingtons summer menu. However, we had to go a step further by adding our magic touch, our distinctive stroke of genius which transforms a very ordinary smoothie into the one true Babingtons Smoothie! Yes! You guessed it! It HAS to be tea! Accordingly we are offering you four varieties for you to savour in our Tea Rooms or for you to make with ease at home. All you need is fresh fruit, a mixer, ice and a good quality iced or powdered tea.

Preparation time: 30 seconds!

Tea Smoothies


For this smoothie the colour green plays the principal role, not only in the Matcha (a Japanese green powdered tea) and the pears, but also in a small scoop of pistachio ice cream which will give your smoothie that little bit of scrumptious-ness. This vitamin packed and Matcha enriched smoothie is an excellent kick-start to your day!


Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries! We go crazy for strawberries! At Babingtons we can't wait for the strawberry season to start so we can use them in our cakes and drinks. Here we will use our Special Blend, our oldest balck tea blend and fresh strawberries. For a creamier effect we can add a half a pot of fresh, plain yoghurt (low fat). theres no need for sugar as the fruit speaks for itself!

Tea Smoothies


Maybe you think the usual peach tea is a little dull? Not at Babingtons! With our smoothie you can create something much more fun and adventurous. As always, the basis for our drink is our Special Blend, ice and fresh peaches. Before pouring in the smoothie place a few fine peach slices and crumbled meringue. After all we must feed the eye as well as look after our health!


Our last smoothie for you. To make this you can use any forest fruits you prefer adding a scoop of vanilla or buttermilk ice cream. The best tea to use? Babingtons Special Blend without a doubt ! But it's also very well worth trying with our Forest Fruit Tisane

Babingtons Special Blend for iced tea

This extraordinary blend of black teas from Ceylon, Darjeeling and China is our very first Babingtons Blend, made in the ’50 and still our best seller! A perfect base for your iced teas!

Forest Fruits Herbal Tea - Filter Bags

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Juicy Forest Fruits herbal tea.This healthy herbal tea is prepared by mixing elderflowers, hibiscus and lots of juicy fruits of the forest. Rich and not to sweet, it is ideal for all the family, both hot and iced.