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A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

Autumn is officially here. A season that for some represents a moment of melancholy, the end of summer and a prelude to the beginnings of winter. On the 21st September we celebrated the equinox and the beginning of this new season. But melancholy must be put aside, for autumn represents grapes and winemaking, the harvest, and the warm and spectacular colours in which nature be-robes herself.

To welcome this new season we would like to offer five autumnal herbal teas for your delectation. Part of our Sweet Harmony collection, these will allow you to plunge into a feeling of wellbeing. This is why our new and beautiful packaging represents “Tim Wellings”, the dream diver. A person who loves to live life to the full and in perfect harmony. Surely one of our herbal teas will be perfect for you.

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

For a good night’s sleep – SLEEPY

The end of the summer holidays with all that that entails, so much to do, and a change of seasons... all these things can be detrimental to our sleep patterns, causing restlessness and resulting in weariness of body and mind. In other words it can make us irritable and tetchy.

This is where our herbal tea comes in. It contains no theine, the caffeine normally found in tea, and none of the stimulants usually associated with tea. SLEEPY is the ideal tisane to sip just before you go to bed because it will help you relax your mind and body. It is made using a blend of chamomile, rose petals, fennel, lemon balm, lime blossom and lavender.

Sweet Dreams Tea - Airtight Tin

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Floral, slightly sweet bed time Herbal Tea.
When it comes to bed time there is nothing better than a soothing herbal tea which really works.

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

For detoxification – DETOX

Though it is not always either pleasant or enjoyable, detoxification is a way of loving ourselves. Think back to a time when perhaps you have gone over the top a little with alcohol, or smoked too much, or have over taxed yourself causing stress. Or maybe a time when you over did it a little with good food, causing you to feel weighed down, bloated and tired.

Detoxification is a procedure whereby we help our body to regain its natural equilibrium and autumn is an ideal time to do this. It will give an energy reserve in preparation for the winter months ahead. If we consider detoxification as a period of privation, this herbal tea will come to our aid. As well as being good for you, our DETOX I also delicious! Made using a blend of peppermint, chamomile, liquorice, echinacea, burdock root and dandelion leaves this herbal tea can be enjoyed at any time during the day and first thing in the morning.

Purity Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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Detoxifying ourselves is always a good way to take care of our body and mind. That’s why we have created a detox herbal tea which is also good to drink!

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

To promote good circulation – CIRCULATION

Here’s s another of life’s great little annoyances, circulation disorders! Irritations that most of us, and particularly women, experience every day. We would like to offer those of you who have found you have circulatory problems, swollen feet and ankles, tiredness or digestive problems, a soothing cup of herbal tea to help you, a hot cup of CIRCULATION.

This is a slightly spicy and very tasty blend created especially for those of us with blood circulatory problems. It is a great autumnal drink, but can be relied on to help us at any time of year when we feel our problem arising again. Blended with ginger, lime blossom, dandelion leaves and common yarrow.

Flow Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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Our selection of herbal teas wouldn’t be complete without a special circulation blend!

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

To help our digestion – DIGESTIVE

Our eating habits change somewhat during autumn and especially in winter. Our meals become richer and more substantial. We tend to favour red meats, stews, spicy food, soups, fried food, roasts and desserts made with a good dosing of chocolate and various other goodies. This can cause us a heaviness in the stomach making us feel weary and finally affecting our digestion.

It may be that you go out for dinner and come home feeling you have over indulged, you feel swollen and heavy, you sleep badly and wake up feeling worse. How can we remedy this? Our DIGESTIVE herbal tea will help when sufferING these slight inconveniences, it can be the ace up our sleeves when we know that we are going to be a little more intemperate than usual. This autumnal tisane will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh and will favour a good digestion. Made with green mint, fennel, liquorice and anise it is a perfect after dinner drink!

Fresh & Light Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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This herbal tea is made with ingredients that help digest and at the same time leave a wonderfully fresh aftertaste!

A herbal tea to inaugurate autumn

For relaxing – RELAX

At last it’s time to kick off your shoes, sit back and relax! A gift to yourself when you want to take a moment just for you, ‘me time’, to relax your mind and body. RELAX is one of our best loved tisanes, created especially for your ‘time out’ moments.

You may choose a good book to accompany your RELAX tisane, or a stroll under autumnal skies, or maybe a hot bath, whatever your choice RELAX is the perfect drink to accompany you in that special moment you have chosen to gift yourself, to dedicate entirely to you. Blended using chamomile, lime blossom and orange blossom, it has a sweet flavour, as sweet as rest should be!

Chill out Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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This delicious, sweet, relaxing herbal tea is one of our best sellers!
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, linden and orange blossom