Cheesecake and its summer varieties

Just for  today we would like to allow ourselves a moment of delicious gluttony! This dessert has become the height of fashion in recent years but our patisserie has been producing it since the 1950’s! Outrageously delicious and with such a great potential for variety, we can only be talking about cheesecake!

Our cheesecakes is made with a crunchy caramelised base, creamy cheese topping and is never baked. Even though this would normally be enough to tickle the palate, here at Babingtons we like to personalise our creations to all your tastes. These are our suggestions for this summer:

Fresh strawberry Cheesecake with strawberry coulis

This cheesecake is made using one of our very favourite fruits, seasonable in summer, loved by the Italians and in particular in the city that has been host to Babingtons for so many years. We refer, of course, to the strawberry.

Chiara favourite tea with this cheese cake? N.5, Roman Holidays of course! A superb blend of black teas naturally scented with rose and vanilla. Simply perfect with strawberries!

Roman Holidays

Romantic, elegant, soft. An extraordinary blend of 5 black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China scented naturally with rose and vanilla to celebrate Piazza di Spagna, the most beautiful piazza in the world where Babingtons was opened in 1893.

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Fresh pineapple and mango coulis

This variation uses the tropical fruits pineapple and mango, fresh summery fruit which will transport you in an instant to a secluded golden beach bathed in sunshine.

In this case Chiara recomends the refreshing Babingtons White Passion tea, a blend of Pai Mu Tan white tea enriched with pears, peaches, camomile petals, almonds and small pieces of pineapple.

Babingtons White Passion Tea

A wonderful, refreshing Pai Mu Tan scented with pear, peach and exotic fruit. The white tea is a perfect base for this light, delicate blend.

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pineapple cheesecake1.jpg
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Fruits of the Forest and raspberry coulis

We pile this cheesecake up with a mountain of fruits of the forest of every variety and raspberry coulis. Our patisserie wouldn’t be the same without the wild flavours of forest fruits. Allow yourself to take flight towards green hills and mountainous woodlands on the flavours of these fruits.

Chiara’s suggestion for this cheesecake? Babingtons Forest Fruit herbal tea. A unique  blend of elderflower, apple, hibiscus,  currant leaves, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Not overly sweet and with extraordinary antioxidant properties. 

And for those of you who enjoy more traditional toppings of course the Lemon Curd and Chocolate sauce!

Forest Fruits Herbal Tea

Fruity herbal teas are delicious, but sometimes can be a little too sweet. Try our Forest Fruits herbal tea, you will be surprised as, although it is made with lots of different fruits and berries, it will leave a fresh, clean taste in your mouth!

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