Summer iced teas: their preparation and healing properties

Summer is finally here and with the hot season we bring you our tasty and healthy iced teas. We only use fresh tea leaves and natural ingredients without adding sugar or other additives which you would find in commercially sold tea flavoured drinks.

Six blends, 5 teas and a herbal tea each one with a different character to give us the spirit of summer in a glass!

Health properties

When infused correctly iced teas and herbal teas will keep their antioxidant, cleansing, detoxifying, relaxing and energising properties. The teas, fruits, flowers and spices we use in our Babingtons Iced Tea blends are particularly good for you during the hot summer season because they hydrate the body, quench your thirst and are delicious without sugar if you are keeping an eye on your figure!

RED RHUBARB: This is a blend of black Darjeeling tea enriched with hibiscus and rhubarb. A very refreshing and thirst quenching tea created especially to serve iced.

CHERRY ROSE: A refreshing blend of green sencha tea mixed with rose petals and natural cherry flavor.

SPECIAL BLEND: This extraordinary blend of black teas from Ceylon, Darjeeling and China is our very first Babingtons Blend, made in the ’50 and still our best seller! A perfect base for your iced teas.

MOROCCAN SECRET: This is a refreshing blend of green Chinese Gunpowder tea to which we have added Moroccan mint leaves. It is a great favourite in middle eastern countries and is now appreciated all over the world.

SUNNY PEACH: This is a quintessential black tea from Ceylon flavoured with peach and our special ingredients for a mouthwatering iced tea.

SUMMER FRUIT: A refreshing herbal tea made from hibiscus, rose hips, orange and lemon peel and green apple. Created to be served iced, this herbal blend is also delicious served hot. 


Black, Oolong and herbal teas

For these teas use the traditional hot method. Prepare a strong hot tea (for 1 liter use 15 gr of tea leaves and brew for 4 minutes at 95°), leave it to cool down and refridgerate. Before serving put 2-3 ice cubes in a glass, poor the iced tea over them and add the flavors you prefer (sugar syrup, fresh fruit, mint leaves, spices, milk).

Green and white teas

Use the cold method for these teas. You will have a nice clear drink and the polyphenols present in larger quantity in these two varieties will keep their benefits. Pour fresh water over your tea leaves (10 gr of tea leaves for 1 lt) and leave for 6-8 hours in the refridgerator. Strain the leaves and keep the iced tea in the fridge.  Before serving put 2-3 ice cubes in a glass, poor the iced tea over them and add the flavors you prefer (sugar syrup, fresh fruit, mint leaves, spices, milk).

Iced teas On the Rocks

There is a third method you can use whenever you feel like a cool glass of iced tea: prepare it On the Rocks. You can use this method with any tea, at any time of the day. Just brew your tea a little stronger (+50% of the tea leaves) following the time and temperature suggested for each tea, add your “condiments” and pour over a glass filled to the top with ice. It is important you use LOTS of ice, otherwise the ice melts and dilutes your tea.


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