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Victoria - Tin

90.00 €

A one in a life time blend, unique, majestic and intensely profound. A selection of grand cru black teas, blended together to celebrate the grandeur of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.
Rich, emotional and touching, to tell the story of this romantic, courageous and very strong lady. 
A hand made precious and irresistible masterpiece with predominant scents of violet and spices and enriched with 23kt gold and silver.

100 gr. Tin - 100 gr.

Quantity: 2gr per 150 ml of water
Temperature: 95°
Infusion: 3-4 minuts

9 black teas from India, China, Africa and Ceylon, violet flowers, tea flowers, cornflowers, Jamaican roses, Yellow rose buds, osmanthus petals, elderflower, mistletoe, forest roses, apple pieces, forest strawberries, red pepper, blueberry, mallow, Amalfi tangerine peels, Madagascar vanilla pods, turmeric, Juniper, myrth, Amalfi orange peels, natural essential oils of violet leaves and flowers, myrth, mandarancio, lime, cedar, vetiver, ylang ylang, Arabic incense and vanilla, gold 23kt and silver

Tips: we recommend you drink this blend pure. It is also very good iced

Ideal tea pots: Silver, Sheffield, enamel, china or glass