Victoria - Tin

Black tea
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A one in a life time blend, unique, majestic and intensely profound. A selection of grand cru black teas, blended together to celebrate the grandeur of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Rich, emotional and touching, to tell the story of this romantic, courageous and very strong lady. A hand made precious and irresistible masterpiece with predominant scents of violet and spices and enriched with 23kt gold and silver.
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€ 90.00
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Typology :
Scented blend of black tea
Preparation :
Quantity: 2gr per 150 ml of water Temperature: 95° Infusion: 3-4 minuts
Tips :
We recommend you drink this blend pure. It is also very good iced. Ideal tea pots: Silver, Sheffield, enamel, china or glass
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