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Princes and princesses - Tin

70.00 €

A regal, vibrant and joyful home-made blend of black teas from India, China, Ceylon and Africa mixed with flowers, fruits, slightly spicy and enriched with 23 kt gold ,created by our blender to celebrate the magical world of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses

100 gr. Tin

Quantity: 2gr per 150 ml of water
Temperature: 95°
Infusion: 3-4 minuts

black teas from India, China, Africa and Ceylon, petals of peony, gaelic roses, cornflowers, elderflower blossom, forest rose, apple pieces, wild forest strawberries, red pepper, curcuma, pomegranate peels, vanilla, juniper, mistletoe mirth, Amalfi orange zest, 100% natural essential oils of mirth, ylang ylang, mandarancio, vetiver, cedar, Turkish rose, vanilla and 23kt Gold leaf.

Tips: we recommend you drink this blend pure. It is also very good iced

Ideal tea pots: Silver, Sheffield, enamel, china or glass