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Moroccan Secret Summer Tea - Tin

Green tea
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Refreshing, slightly sweet Green Tea with Peppermint
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Typology :
Scented blend of green tea
Presentation :
A refreshing green tea enriched with Moroccan mint leaves
Character :
fresh, cooling
Preparation :
Quantity: 2g for 150 ml of water Temperature: 90 ° Infusion: 2-3 minutes
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Refreshing, slightly sweet Green Tea with Peppermint.

Made by blending Gunpowder Chinese green tea with peppermint leaves, this cooling blend is delicious both hot and iced, with or without sugar. Like all Babingtons blends, the Moroccan Secret recipe is unique and prepared with carefully sourced ingredients, coming from trusted suppliers, mixed and packed in the United Kingdom.

If you are searching for a truly refreshing blend, then you’ve found it! Babingtons Moroccan Secret is made by blending the tightly rolled Chinese green tea called Gunpowder, with peppermint leaves. An explosion of freshness, with a sweet aftertaste. Very popular in the Middle East and in Northern Africa, our mint green tea is one of Babingtons best sellers worldwide.

  • Taste: fresh, cooling
  • Predominant Hints: mint
  • Colour: intense orange yellow
  • Goes well with: savouries: beef burger, pork, fried potatoes, smoked salmon, sandwiches, salads.

    Sweets: apple pie, key lime, chocolate cakes and biscuits

  • Time of day: ideal all day, particularly after a meal
  • Beneficial properties: Green tea is the oldest of the tea categories and is produced mostly in China, with the buds of the Camelia Sinensis or with the bud and the first young leaves. Once the leaves are plucked, they are left to oxides slightly before the process is stopped either by dry heat or by steam (Japan). Because green teas are only slightly oxidized they keep all the healthy benefits of the Camelia Sinensis, such as polyphenols, antioxidants, fluorides, minerals and vitamins. The dried peppermint leaves will leave a great sense of freshness and generally improve energy.
  • Storage: keep in a cool, dry and dark place, in an airtight container
  • Recommended teapots: porcelain or glass

First heard of in northern Africa, mint tea has become extremely popular in all the Arab countries where it is served very strong, very hot and very sweet. Today mint green tea is also very appreciated iced, whether on the rocks or prepared before hand and is also a superb base for tea based cocktails.

Gunpowder green tea is the most intense of the green Chinese teas and is rolled into little bullets, thus its name. The reason why the leaves are rolled into small balls is so the tea can travel long distances without loosing its intensity, whether from China to Europe in the old days, or in the desert for many months. Traditionally the Tuareg Berbers celebrate their tea ceremony with a very strong and hot gunpowder tea, mint leaves and lots of sugar. The Tuareg tradition of serving mint tea goes back many centuries, when tea first arrived in Europe, and is part of their everyday life as much as when celebrating important events.

When creating Babingtons selection of iced teas, our Moroccan Secret immediately conquered the hearts and taste buds of everyone, but drinking a hot cup of this sweet and minty blend will take you on a journey to those far and legendary desertic places.