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Babingtons: the first 125 years -italian version

28.00 €

Written by Carla Massi, this is the story of the first tea rooms opened in Italy at the end of the 1800 by two British women who came here to open a business in the Eternal City.
“Babingtons: the first 125 years” is an elegant hard back book full of anecdotes from over a century of beeing in the most famous Piazzas in Rome, discretely serving tea to generations from all over the world, as well as artist, writers, film producers and actors, politicians and the roman jet set.
The Grand Tour, two world wars, the Dolce Vita, the changes of the Piazza, the family story all blend into this rich and interesting piece of Rome’s history. As a client wrote in our guest book “Babingtons is not entirely British, not precisly Italian, truly Roman”.

Italian Version