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125th Anniversary Blend

35.00 €

150 gr

A magic, sublime, inebriating blend created to celebrate the dream of two women, two pioneers, two great enterpreneurs who brought together Italy and England in Piazza d Spagna.
Black tea, vanilla, honey, elderflower, rose petals, blueberries, juniper berries and lemon mirtle leaves are mixed with great expertise to tell our story of love for tea and quality, the story of 125 years of serving tea in Rome since 1893

Black Ceylon and China teas, pieces of vanilla, natural honey aroma, elderflower, rose petals, blueberries, juniper berries, lemon mirtle

Quantity: 2-3gr per 200 ml
Temperature: 95°
Infusion: 3 min

We recommend you drink this tea pure or with a little milk and/or sugar. It is also very good iced