Forest Fruits Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

Herbal teas
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Fruity herbal teas are delicious, but sometimes can be a little too sweet. Try our Forest Fruits herbal tea, you will be surprised as, although it is made with lots of different fruits and berries, it will leave a fresh, clean taste in your mouth!
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Presentation :
A fruity herbal tea, not to sweet, prepared with forest fruits, elderflower and hibiscus
Character :
Not too sweet, rich in fruits vitamin C and antioxidant
Preparation :
Quantity: 2-3g for 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion: 6-7 minutes Quantity: 1 filter for 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion: 6-7 minutes
Tips :
Ideal at any time of the day, hot or iced
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