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Black tea
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This was our very first Babingtons Blend, made in the ’50 and still our best seller! An extraordinary Breakfast tea in which the citrus hints of the Ceylon tea, the muscatel Darjeeling and the cocoa and caramel hints of the China Keemun are perfectly balanced. For a very British breakfast!
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Typology :
Blend of black tea
Presentation :
The first of Babingtons black tea blends, a delicate breakfast tea prepared with black teas from darjeeling, Ceylon and China
Character :
Light breakfast tea, very british
Preparation :
Quantity: 2-3g per 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion:3-4 minutes Quantity: 1 filter per 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion:3-4 minutes
Tips :
We recommend you drink this tea pure or with milk and/or sugar
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