Royal Blend - Soft Pack

Black tea , Oolong tea
€ 16.00

This noble, potent, aromatic yet light blend was created especially for and gifted to Queen Elizabeth II on Her royal visit to Rome, October 2000. The wonderful hints of honey and fruits of the Ceylon and Darjeeling teas are blended with the light floral Formosa Oolong to give a round, full bodied, unique tea.
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€ 16.00
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Typology :
Blend of black and oolong tea
Presentation :
A grand blend, created for the Queen and prepared with black and oolong teas. Low in caffeine
Character :
Regal, dedicated to queen Elisabeth II
Preparation :
Quantity: 2-3g per 200 ml Temperature: 90° Infusion: 3-4 minutes
Tips :
We recommend you drink this tea pure or with milk and/or sugar
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