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Lapsang Souchong: Babington's combinations

Lapsang Souchong: Babington's combinations

Lapsang Souchong: Babington's combinations

The Lapsang Souchong: a bit of history

Lapsang Souchong is a variety of Chinese black tea and is known in China as "Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong".

This tea variety is produced exclusively in the Wuyi Mountains area, north of the Fujian region.

This black tea, after being oxidized, is dried and smoked with pine or cedar wood.

It has whole, black and slightly curled leaves: during the infusion it takes on an elegant amber-orange color.

Lapsang Souchong at the table

This sumptuous tea can also be used in savory recipes. In fact, at the table it turns out to be a very versatile ingredient and goes well with many dishes with an intense and robust flavor, such as roasts or grilled meat.

It also goes very well in contrasting combinations with sweet side dishes, such as carrots, potatoes and baked pumpkin.

Surprising also with dishes with high acidity, such as a gazpacho or a cream of cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers, or with a slice of good partly wholemeal bread, a nice tasty crust, and abundant stracchino.

Such a sumptuous blend deserves to be paired with really tasty recipes, and we suggest some of them:

Lapsang Souchong at the table: the recipes

Lapsang Souchong: Babington's combinations

Lapsang souchong potato crisps

Have you prepared potatoes (always good and versatile!) As a side dish for a main course?

Proceed to heat them and keep your spice grinder close at hand!

Insert the Lapsang Souchong tea leaves (smoked) and grind them all over the potatoes that you have previously heated.

The final result will be original, surprising and deliciously flavored!

Pork chops with lapsang souchong

For a delicious dinner or a special occasion, however, we recommend a particular and spicy first course that has our tea as its main ingredient!

Ingredients (for 5 people):

• 5 pork chops

• Butter

• Flavors (garlic and rosemary)

• Salt and green pepper

• 400 ml of fairly concentrated Lapsang Souchong tea

• 1 tablespoon of flour (or potato starch)


Put the pork chops in a pan with a little butter and let them brown well, salt the meat with grains of coarse salt and flavor it with an aromatic mince of garlic and rosemary.

When almost cooked, add a cup of concentrated Lapsang Souchong smoked black tea to the pan and finish cooking the meat by letting part of the tea evaporate.

When cooked, remove the meat from the heat and let it rest for a few moments; in the meantime, add a tablespoon of flour to the pan where the tea and the sauce from the meat remained, in order to thicken the sauce.

Then readjust the chops, giving a final browning and seasoning them with a little ground green pepper.

Arrange the chops on a plate, cover with the tasty tea sauce obtained and get ready to serve!

Lapsang souchong in Babingtons blends

Lapsang Souchong: Babington's combinations

Lapsang souchong is also one of the ingredients in one of our most popular early blends. Do you know which one we are talking about? But of the Afternoon Blend! A noble Darjeeling tea enriched with Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea which makes it spicy, aromatic and unique.

You can always find it in our online Tea Shop and in Piazza di Spagna!