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Christmas teas have arrived from Babingtons

Christmas teas have arrived from Babingtons

Do you also feel this magical atmosphere in the air?

The lights color the streets of the city, the shop windows are filled with colors and the decorations make everything warmer, Christmas is approaching and a beautiful snow-covered sleigh has arrived here from Babingtons with a delicious November and December classic: Christmas teas!

Christmas teas have arrived from Babingtons

Christmas Black Tea & Christmas Green Tea

Two different blends, one based on black tea and one based on green tea, one more intense and the other more delicate, two versions of Christmas tea that with every sip restore the taste, aroma and atmosphere of a winter afternoon spent near a crackling fireplace between Christmas lights and delicious slices of cake.

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Let's start with Christmas Black Tea , the more decisive version of Christmas tea, made from a blend of Assam and Ceylon black teas and enriched with cloves, cinnamon, green apple, red pepper and orange peel , contains in every sip the joy of Christmas colors and scents. An intense blend, rich in flavor and capable of perfectly restoring the charm of Christmas.

Christmas Green Tea is the most delicate Christmas blend, characterized by a marked elegance and softness. His secret? The addition of cinnamon, red pepper, cloves and licorice to the green tea-based blend, simple ingredients that manage to concentrate the magic of the most beautiful party of the year in a cup of tea.

Have you already chosen the perfect one to combine with Fruit Cake, Plum Pudding, Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies and all the goodies of Christmas?

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