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The recipe for Easter Hot Cross Buns

The recipe for Easter Hot Cross Buns

It is impossible to imagine Easter Sunday without traditional British Hot Cross Buns! With a hot tea at breakfast or at tea time, it is the delicacy that cheers all lovers of British culture and loyal tea lovers during the Easter holidays. And of course you Babingtons friends too!

Our room in this period is filled with their flavor and scent and, even if we will not be able to enjoy them on Easter Sunday here in Piazza di Spagna, we want to bring to you that fascinating sensation and that aroma that you have always tasted at Babingtons during the Easter.

If you are ready to make our Hot Cross Buns at home, read the Babingtons special recipe!

Hot Cross Buns: the recipe

Preparation time 30 minutes (excluding leavening)

Cooking time 12 minutes

Temperature 160 ° C

120 gr Whole milk

105 gr Whole eggs

100 gr Salted butter at 18 ° C

50 gr Fresh brewer's yeast

400 gr flour "00"

100 gr Granulated sugar

2 gr Mixed spices

3 gr Orange peel

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

20 gr Corinth grapes

70 gr Sultana Grapes

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

Syrup for polishing:

50 gr Granulated sugar

25 gr Water

For the cross:

25 gr Cold water

25 gr flour "00"


Put all the ingredients in the mixer, excluding the raisins, respecting the order of the list and knead until you have a smooth dough, which no longer adheres to the walls of the mixer bowl.

Add the raisins and let the planetary mixer work until the dough incorporates it homogeneously.

Cover with a plastic sheet suitable for contact with food and wait for the dough to rise to double its volume (about 2 hours)

Transfer the dough onto the work surface and divide it into portions.

With each portion, form spheres by 'pirling' the dough and place them equidistantly (providing pre- and post-cooking leavening spaces) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Cover the spheres with a plastic sheet and wait for the second leavening, visible when the spheres double their volume. (about 50 minutes)

During the rising time, bring water and sugar to a boil in a saucepan to make the finishing syrup for the brioches.

To make the cross, mix the water and flour by hand with a whisk, making sure that no lumps remain.

Pour the mixture into a piping bag without a spout.

After waiting for the second leavening time, brush the sugar syrup on the dough with a large soft bristle brush.

Cut the tip of the pastry bag containing the dough for the crosses, leaving a hole with a diameter of max 4 mm.

Dress the crosses on the hot crosses, taking care to first follow a vertical direction and then the horizontal direction.

Bake and serve still hot with butter, strawberry jam and whipped cream.

The recipe for Easter Hot Cross Buns

The tradition of Easter with Babingtons

Have you already thought about when to prepare your Hot Cross Buns? Send us your photos or share them on social networks by tagging our profiles, combining your favorite tea: it will be like spending tea time together, with that pinch of magic that we only give ourselves at Babingtons!

Happy Easter to you all from Babingtons!