A Capriccio for Alex

Babingtons Tea Room launch the campaign "A Capriccio for Alex"

April 23, 2020
A month ago, on March 23 / 2020, our cousin Alexander lost his life to Covid 19, in London. He was one of our partners at Babingtons and lived for many years between London, Rome and the Argentario and it was during one of these trips that he contracted the virus.

Alex, or Zander as he was fondly known since childhood, was above all a friend as well as a brother and a cousin. Brimming with ideas, outgoing, generous, boisterous and with an eclectic sense of humour, he was indeed a very special person.

A Capriccio for Alex

He loved Babingtons and whenever he was in Rome he had lunch with us here at the Spanish Steps. His favourite was the "Negrino" followed by our very own chocolate biscuit. Iced Breakfast Special Blend with his lunch was a must even on the coldest and bleakest of winter days! But because he was as good an Englishman as he was a Scotsman (he became the Guthrie Clan Leader in 1984), naturally he drank his morning and afternoon tea piping hot. With milk and sugar of course!

But as he would have said “the show must go on”.

So in a celebration of his life we are launching this campaign: Un Capriccio per Alex.

A Capriccio for Alex

We have chosen to dedicate one of our most special and best loved blends to Alexander and to the fight against the Covid 19 strain of Corona Virus. All the proceeds from the sale of this wonderful tea will be donated to the Spallanzani Research Institute.

Capriccio is a colourful blend of slightly smoked black teas, rich in spices, flowers and fruits. Because Alex was just like this! Brilliant, passionate, irreverent and always ready to laugh: with a beer, a glass of wine, a cup of tea, but best of all good company at his side!

We will miss Alex so very much and we at Babingtons would like to honour his memory with this project, A Capriccio for Alex. A project he would be happy with because he had a big, huge heart. And for us, a way to celebrate his life!

Chiara e Rory

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And contribute to our project "A Capriccio for Alex" against the Covid-19 strain of Corona Virus.

Capriccio - Tin

€ 50.00 VAT included
€ 45.45 + VAT

Preparation: Quantity: 2gr per 150 ml of water Temperature: 95° Infusion: 3-4 minuts Indredients: Black teas, jamaica roses, cornflowers, Elderflower, Safflower, red rose petals, Osmanthus, Rhubarb, Pink pepper, Ginger, Vanilla, Juniper, Mirth, lemon and orange peels, 100% narural flavouring of lemon, mandarancio, lime, Vetiver, Patchouli, Bargamot, Vanilla and Mirth Tips: we recommend you drink this blend pure. It is also very good iced Ideal tea pots: Silver, Sheffield, enamel, china or glass