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Valentine's Day in the UK: history, traditions and curiosities about the feast of love

Valentine's Day in the UK: history, traditions and curiosities about the feast of love

When the Valentine's Day is upon us, everything around us, especially around those who love love, smells of magic and romance. But how was this party born?

The origins of the Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in the UK: history, traditions and curiosities about the feast of love

February 14th is party dedicated to lovers and from Babingtons will celebrate it with a special Valentine's Victorian Tea Party.

But how was this party born?

Perhaps some of you will already know the story of the Priest Valentine. Under Emperor Claudius II Catholic weddings were strictly forbidden for young couples! This is because the emperor firmly believed that young people were more useful on the battlefield, without distractions and without ties. In defense of love, the priest Valentino decided to challenge the wrath of the emperor and to celebrate Catholic marriages clandestinely, allowing young people in love to realize the dream of being tied before God for life. This stance cost dear to Valentino who died beheaded on February 14th.

After the sad ending, the Catholic Church decided to praise the martyrdom of Valentine, recognizing him as a defender of the faith of young Christians and of courteous love. Following the beatification of St. Valentine, the feast of lovers was born that still involves us today.

Valentine's Day is interpreted by many as a time to ritualize love. For lovers it is an opportunity to devote more time than usual to their partner and reiterate the importance they have in their lives.

Valentine's Day and the English tradition

The origins of Valentine's Day in England date back to the Middle Ages. Around February 14 young lovers brought a gift to their sweetheart, left it at the door of her home and ran away. Around the 17th century the spread of the first Valentines or the cards containing love phrases. However, the rigid English upbringing did not look favorably on such an obvious manifestation of feelings, so young lovers delivered them anonymously Not even the royals escaped this sweet and romantic tradition: there are traces of the letters sent by the then prisoner Carlo D'Orléans to his “tres doulce Valentinèe”.

Valentine's Day in the UK: history, traditions and curiosities about the feast of love

The tradition of Valentine's Day, born for lovers, has now involved all the shades of love, such as friendship and affection for the family. Everyone exchanges gifts and boxes of chocolates, they love walking in parks, organizing romantic dinners and snacks over a steaming cup of tea.

Babingtons in love: would you be our Valentine?

Valentine's Day in the UK: history, traditions and curiosities about the feast of love

At Babingtons we celebrate the most romantic day of the year with our beloved annual: Valentine's Victorian Tea Party. The Victorian style, with its refined beauty and rich in details, will be the backdrop to the event. Our guests will enjoy a royal treatment: they will be able to enjoy a refined and delicious menu at the same time, while the evening will be enlivened by poems and love songs. The Babingtons experience will be made unique by the presence of an expert calligrapher who will be able to write love cards for you. For this romantic and sensual day, we have selected for you three of the blends that best reflect the mood:

Sweet Temptation. Blend that features Ceylon black tea that goes perfectly with cocoa, strawberry, dog rose and vanilla. These scents and flavors create an explosive blend with a seductive and sexy character.

Sweet Temptation Tea - Airtight Tin

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€ 20.91 + VAT

This delightful fusion of scents and flavours is one of our most seductive blends. We have combined black tea from Ceylon with strawberry, rose hip, cocoa and vanilla.

In the mood for love. Among our most popular teas we find oolong tea, a semi-oxidized, wonderful and richly nuanced tea that is positioned between green and black tea. This blend is refreshing and citrusy, thanks to the 7 citrus fruits that embellish it. The intriguing and thirst-quenching taste make it a must.

In the Mood for Love Tea - Airtight Tin

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A delightfully refreshing oolong tea with hints of citrus and pineapple. Oolong tea is partly oxidized and it’s strength is somewhere between black teas and green teas.

Lovers' tea. A fruity blend, not too sweet, based on green tea enriched with exotic fruits. The scent and aroma of this refreshing blend are truly unforgettable. One of our most popular blends!

Green Beauty Tea - Airtight Tin

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€ 22.73 + VAT

This is a sumptuous Chinese green tea complemented with oriental fruits, papaya and flower petals. Its scents and aromas are truly unforgettable. One of our best loved teas!

We are waiting for you at Babingtons to make your Valentine's Day unique, the appointment is Friday 14 February at 6:30 pm in our romantic tea room!

For information and reservations for the Valentine's Victorian Tea Party you can write to us at reservations@babingtons.com or call 06.6786027. The price is € 52 per person, reservations required.

For now we leave you, with a little poetic license, taking up one of the most romantic phrases according to the English tradition: "A day without tea is just a waste of time"