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Black Friday at Babingtons tastes super sweet!

Black Friday at Babingtons tastes super sweet!

Our historic tea room is always in step with the times and takes part in Black Friday again this year!

Have you ever wondered how this fun autumn tradition was born? We went in search of its origin to offer you a delicious starting point from which to start your black week with us. Take a look!

Black Friday at Babingtons tastes super sweet!

Black Friday: what it is and how it was born

Currently Black Friday is widespread in several countries around the world, including Italy. Although officially born in the United States, the event has spread like wildfire over the years, in recent years also arriving in our peninsula. We all now immediately associate it with offers, promotions and discounts of all kinds, and we have often wondered: in what year was Black Friday born? What are its origins? And in which countries it is

more widespread?

Origins and curiosities about Black Friday

Black Friday is the last Friday of November , which follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The origin of the name is still considered uncertain today, but there are two universally accepted theories.

According to the first, Black Friday owes its name to the black color of the ink used by merchants to record the huge profits on their books, which during this day were really huge. The second theory, on the other hand, wants the term "Black Friday" to indicate a day considered inauspicious by those who worked to ensure order and safety, because it was characterized by traffic and traffic jams due to the multitude of people wandering around the shops in search of super discounts. It is said that it was the policemen of the city of Philadelphia who coined this ironic expression!

While not a public holiday, Black Friday is always highly anticipated as it officially opens the Christmas shopping period, with discounts and offers on products of all kinds. A great opportunity to buy small and large Christmas gifts, furnishing items, delicacies and clothing at discounted prices!

The first year in which there is certain and documented proof of this custom is considered to be 1924. At that time, Macy's, a well-known US retail chain, decided to offer several products at discounted prices on the last Friday of November, apparently without a precise reason. This particular event officially kicked off Christmas shopping well in advance.

Spread of Black Friday around the world

The phenomenon of Black Friday itself, however, exploded long afterwards, namely in the 1980s, and initially only in the USA. In the following years it gradually spread to other countries, starting with from Canada to Latin America and then landed in Europe in the United Kingdom and in the Northern countries.

Also in Italy this event is growing exponentially, year after year: in fact, more and more shops and online stores decide to join the discounts by offering their customers products at discounted prices not just for one day, but throughout the week of Black Friday!

Black Friday at Babingtons

Black Friday at Babingtons tastes super sweet!

Black Friday has arrived at Babingtons again this year!

Starting from Monday 25 November and throughout the week, until Sunday 1 December, the products of our historic tea room will be on promotion in the online store with a 30% discount on all our blends and accessories!

Only a few selected products are exceptions - "Gold Collection", "Argenteria" and "Sette Tè di Roma" - but this year too this week is confirmed as a perfect opportunity to purchase our precious blends at an unrepeatable price! One more reason to give you the unique experience of tasting our vintage blends, or to give it to your friends and loved ones in view of the Christmas period.

Visit our online store to discover all the Babingtons products on offer, add them to your cart, enter the code BLACKFRIDAYBB19 in the appropriate box to get the discount and ... Happy Black Friday!