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Blue Tea, how to make your own magical Halloween tea

Blue Tea, how to make your own magical Halloween tea

Halloween is approaching and Rome is full of everything that this traditional American festival, which has now become a cult in Italy, brings with it: curious objects, special costumes and masks colorful that brighten the windows of the Capitoline shops, like Babingtons!

Not only that, Halloween has become an opportunity to create original and delicious foods and drinks. One of them is Blue Tea, a very colorful and particular drink, with a… magical aspect!

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Blue Tea, how to make your own magical Halloween tea

Blue Tea: what it is and what its characteristics are

Blue Tea or Butterfly Tea is prepared with the dried flowers of a plant called Butterfly Pea (blue-flowered bean), or lClitoria Ternatea, belonging to the legume family. It seems that this plant, originally from Southeast Asia, is rich in natural antioxidants (including anthocyanins), precious for our health. Its beneficial substances seem to stimulate concentration and fight states of physical and mental fatigue, strengthening the immune system. The blue tea plant also stands out for its colorful flowers and thanks to these characteristics it has long been used as a medicinal plant and as a natural colorant.

Powdered or pure, clitoria ternatea flowers infused in water give life to Blue Tea, an original and attractive drink of an intense blue, with a naturally sweet and slightly herbaceous flavor, with light hints of legumes. Definitely not the usual tea you are used to drinking at Babingtons!

How to make Blue Tea

Nothing could be simpler: to prepare your drink just immerse a portion of dried flowers (about 2.5 grams) in boiling water at 95 ° and leave them to infuse for 3-4 minutes.

The magic of Blue Tea, perfect for Halloween night

Blue Tea, how to make your own magical Halloween tea

But what is the magical characteristic of Blue Tea? In addition to the natural properties of the flowers, the wonderful color they give to the water is iridescent: just sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice into our cup of Blue tea and the deep blue turns purple! A fascinating contrast of scents and chrome, perfect for the Halloween evening.

You will surprise your guests with a special drink that will leave a sweet aftertaste on the palate and… a nice blue tongue for a few hours!

A starting point to stimulate your creativity even more? You can accompany Blue Tea with curious and tasty desserts! Like the Babingtons-made blue shortbread biscuits in the shape of a butterfly, which can also be prepared at home following our recipe.

Babingtons-made blue shortbread cookies


1/2 kg of "00" flour

250 gr butter at room temperature

125 gr granulated sugar

a pinch of salt

a spoonful of Clitoria ternatea powder


Preheat the oven to 160 ° C

line a baking sheet with parchment paper

Work all the ingredients together vigorously, taking care not to overheat the dough

On a floured surface, place the dough sprinkling it with flour

Roll out the dough and cut the biscuits into the desired shape

Put the biscuits on the pan with the help of a spatula and bake for 12-13 minutes

Remove the biscuits from the pan with the help of a spatula and let them cool on a rack

Blue Tea, how to make your own magical Halloween tea

A Babingtons-made Blue Tea

We tasted Blue Tea Babingtons-made last October 21st, during the appointment with “Tea Games - Tea 2.0”, together with Melania Francis, tea blender and sensory analyst, Carla Massi, journalist and tea sommelier, and Chiara Bedini, great-granddaughter of Isabel founder of Babingtons, who played and revealed together all the peculiarities of this tasty and colorful drink with our guests.

Would you like to participate in the next autumn events? Check out the events scheduled in our tea room: you will be able to discover curious combinations, unusual recipes and seductive blends of the oldest and most well-known drink in the world, our beloved tea!

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