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Enjoy every trip… with a cup of tea!

Enjoy every trip… with a cup of tea!

It is true that those who travel live twice, but they cannot always enjoy the comforts that combine a good rest and energize every day. For this, however, just bring a good tea!

Summer is made for traveling, discovering new places with traditions and habits very different from those to which we are linked, which make us love our charms even more . Forgetting the comforts when traveling is almost an obligation to fully enjoy each route, but the natural consequence is a constant sense of exhaustion, the inability to rest well due to numerous trips or foods that our body can hardly digest.

How to overcome these difficulties? The natural and pleasant remedy to make the most of your moments on the road is… drink a cup of tea.

Take tea leaves with you

Who has never had a problem closing their suitcase before leaving? Taking everything we need on the road is always a challenge, but we always manage to find space for all our little necessities, including tea leaves!

Taking a moment to enjoy them in the morning, afternoon or before bed will make us feel good, ready to enjoy every moment of travel wherever we go. Do you know why?

The benefits of tea on the go: awakening

When you wake up, a good breakfast is essential rich in nutrients, sweet or savory depending on your preferences, which will give you energy at least until lunch. Enjoying a cup of black or green tea, a robust infusion with a hint of flowers or enveloping aromas, will give you the right boost to start the day, especially if you have to walk a long time under the sun.

Our morning teas:

Rome in Love - Airtight Tin

€ 23.00 VAT included
€ 20.91 + VAT

Sweet, sensual, floral. A seductive blend of black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China scented naturally with cherries, cranberries, elderflower, red peppercorns and flower petals. A tribute to Paolina Borghese, to female beauty!

Miss Babingtons - 125th Anniversary Blend

€ 26.00 VAT included
€ 23.64 + VAT

A magic, sublime, inebriating blend created to celebrate the dream of two women, two pioneers, two great enterpreneurs who brought together Italy and England in Piazza d Spagna.

Breakfast Special Blend - Airtight Tin

€ 19.00 VAT included
€ 17.27 + VAT

Our very first blend, created for Babingtons in the 1950s. An extraordinary breakfast blend that combines and balances the citrus scents of Ceylon, the musky scents of Darjeeling and the nuances of fruit and caramel of Keemun.

Morning Blend - Airtight Tin

€ 19.00 VAT included
€ 17.27 + VAT

An intense and vibrant blend of Ceylon black teas. The extraordinary bouquet of ripe citrus fruits and notes of wild rosehip leave a lively and velvety aftertaste.

The benefits of tea on the go: the appointment in the afternoon

The afternoon tea is the rendezvous for every lover of tea and sweet breaks. Even while traveling, allowing yourself time for a good cup of tea, after a meal or an afternoon rest, has a digestive function and provides the relaxation and energy needed to continue the day. Green teas enriched with herbs or black teas with a hint of fruit are the most suitable blends for this occasion.

Our afternoon teas:

The Universe of Michelangelo - Airtight Tin

€ 23.00 VAT included
€ 20.91 + VAT

Powerful, smooth, scented. An extraordinary blend of green Chinese Teas scented naturally with forest fruits and colorful flower petals created to celebrate the divine art of the Cappella Sistina and the divine art of Tea.

Afternoon Blend - Airtight Tin

€ 21.00 VAT included
€ 19.09 + VAT

An extravagantly refined blend of teas from Darjeeling mixed with the famous smoked black Chinese tea. The floral and fruity notes of Darjeeling combined with the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong give a sweet and velvety taste.

5 O'Clock Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 23.00 VAT included
€ 20.91 + VAT

A mouthwatering and light blend produced with teas from China, Darjeeling and Formosa. Rich in floral and fruity notes with a splendidly soft and velvety aftertaste.

The benefits of tea on the go: for restful sleep

Contrary to popular belief, tea is good even before bed. Drinking a hot drink before going to bed induces sleep and promotes rest throughout the night, provided the chosen blend is the right one! The advice is to prefer teas low in caffeine and theine, or herbal teas with relaxing properties and hints of fruit.

Our evening teas and herbal teas:

In the Mood for Love Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 25.50 VAT included
€ 23.18 + VAT

A delightfully refreshing oolong tea with hints of citrus and pineapple. Oolong tea is partly oxidized and it’s strength is somewhere between black teas and green teas.

Sweet Dreams Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 18.00 VAT included
€ 16.36 + VAT

Floral, slightly sweet bed time Herbal Tea.
When it comes to bed time there is nothing better than a soothing herbal tea which really works.

Chill out Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 18.00 VAT included
€ 16.36 + VAT

This delicious, sweet, relaxing herbal tea is one of our best sellers!
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, linden and orange blossom

Rooibos Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 12.50 VAT included
€ 11.36 + VAT

Preparation Quantity: 2-3g per 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion: 6-7 minutes Ingredients Rooibos Tips Ideal at any time of the day

The benefits of tea on the go: when it's hot!

For those who prefer an iced tea at any time of the day in the summer, they can choose fragrances with seasonal fruit or delicate flowers: freshness and well-being will be insured for the whole day!

Our iced teas:

Moroccan Secret Summer Tea - Tin

€ 16.00 VAT included
€ 14.55 + VAT

Refreshing, slightly sweet Green Tea with Peppermint

Babingtons Cherry Rose - Airtight Tin

€ 25.00 VAT included
€ 22.73 + VAT

A refreshing blend of green sencha tea mixed with rose petals and natural cherry flavor. One of Babingtons favourite iced tea blends!

Babingtons Red Rhubarb - Airtight Tin

€ 20.00 VAT included
€ 18.18 + VAT

This is a blend of black Darjeeling tea enriched with hibiscus and rhubarb. A very refreshing and thirst quenching tea created especially to serve iced

Babingtons Summer Fruit Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 17.00 VAT included
€ 15.45 + VAT

Preparation Traditional method Quantity: 12g for 1lt water Temperature: 95° Infusion: 3-4 minutes then leave to cool On the rocks Quantity: 4g for 250ml water Temperature: 95° Infusion:3-4 minutes Fill a tumbler with ice and pour your hot tea over it Tea Tips Add a slice of fresh lemon and a drop of sugar syrup. Simply wonderful!

Babingtons Sunny Peach - Airtight Tin

€ 20.00 VAT included
€ 18.18 + VAT

This is a quintessential black tea from Ceylon flavoured with peach and our special ingredients for a mouthwatering iced tea!

Babingtons teas

And if you travel to the capital, don't forget that you can enjoy our teas and herbal teas in the Sala di Babingtons in Piazza di Spagna, giving you a special moment in your itinerary and the opportunity to experience a real afternoon tea, according to tradition. Or, if you prefer, to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, between a walk and the next, with one of our iced teas, smoothies and ice creams!