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Corporate Social Responsibility

On our 125th anniversary we decided to celebrate the success of Babingtons by reaching a focal point of our mission: to strive to improve the quality of life of men and women who live in the communities where much of our tea comes from.

For this reason, we have implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility project aimed at the most unfortunate young people living in conditions of poverty and social backwardness in the Darjeeling region, in north east India.

Babingtons for Darjeeling

School education is a real problem in India and in this region of the most famous tea plantations in the world. And Babingtons wanted to give hope to those who would otherwise be left behind, giving concrete support to this community. Why Darjeeling? Because the first tea to be served in the Spanish Steps in 1893 was a Darjeeling black tea.

Since the beginning of 2018 Babingtons has been "sponsoring" a series of courses for students, young and old, who have not had the opportunity to study and find work. Students with different stories, including those of great degradation and suffering, which with our support, will be able to become part of the world of work, significantly improving their lives and that of their families.

The project began with a promotion and communication action supported among others by universities and tea boards and by valid support in the Hausos area.

The first fifty students who joined, enthusiastic about the project, eager to learn and make their way into the world of work, closed the school year on July 10, 2019 with a ceremony organized in the town of Darjeeling to deliver the diplomas.

During the ceremony Chiara Bedini, Isabel's great-grandson, founder of Babingtons, presented the diploma to Sunita, Sampradha, Indra and the other 47 students who, thanks to this initiative, had the opportunity to improve their future. Many of them have already started working!

You can read the story of this exciting journey by browsing the logbook by Chiara

The Babingtons for Darjeeling project does not stop there and the next students are already starting their journey for the next year.