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Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

February, the lovers month. Not only do we have our yearly appointment with St Valentine, a day to celebrate love, but it is also the coldest month of the year, a perfect time to cuddle up and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears filled with thoughts of love. A perfect time to warm ourselves with a steaming cup of tea whilst resting in the comfort of our lover’s arms. Or even just a perfect time to share moments of genial relaxation far away from the chaos of our daily lives.

Our sweet proposals for your month of love include intriguing blends and unforgettable romance only to be experienced in our Victorian atmosphere.

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

Babingtons sweet thoughts of love

For the month of love Babingtons has some very sweet thoughts of love for you incurable romantics. Teas, pastries and unique gastronomical experiences. If you’ve had enough of the usual candlelight dinners we are offering you something truly different.

Our love infusions

We begin as always with tea. Three blends whose taste and charm will astound your partner.

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

Our first proposal is our tea dedicated to your first love, the love that made each caress an incredible discovery. Our Lovers Tea is a refreshing and amusing blend of green Chinese tea enriched with elderberry petals, oriental fruits and natural aromas.

Green Beauty Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 25.00 VAT included
€ 22.73 + VAT

This is a sumptuous Chinese green tea complemented with oriental fruits, papaya and flower petals. Its scents and aromas are truly unforgettable. One of our best loved teas!

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

The second tea in our lovers list is a very sensual and enchanting tea. Rome in love is the second of our collection of 7 Roman Teas. It is a perfect blend for all those energetic and passionate love affairs. Here we have the full strength of of 7 blended black teas with Oolong, sweetened by the citrus aromas of orange blossom, citron, bergamot and sweet oranges, all wrapped up in essential oil of vanilla.

Rome in Love - Airtight Tin

€ 23.00 VAT included
€ 20.91 + VAT

Sweet, sensual, floral. A seductive blend of black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China scented naturally with cherries, cranberries, elderflower, red peppercorns and flower petals. A tribute to Paolina Borghese, to female beauty!

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

The last on our list of lovers teas is In the Mood for Love, a special gift for our ‘forever love’. Whilst being a well balanced blend it is also unique and singular. We leave the strength of black tea and move on to the more delicate and fresh flavours of green tea giving us a perfect balance of aroma and flavour.

In the Mood for Love Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 25.50 VAT included
€ 23.18 + VAT

A delightfully refreshing oolong tea with hints of citrus and pineapple. Oolong tea is partly oxidized and it’s strength is somewhere between black teas and green teas.

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

Finally our Invigorating Blend to give your lives as a couple a little bit of a twist. This is a Yerba Mate based blend complimented with ginger, chilli and cinnamon, one of our favourite spices. Here is a little known fact for you . . . . It is also an aphrodisiac!

Top Up Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

€ 20.00 VAT included
€ 18.18 + VAT

This is a hot, spicy, truly invigorating herbal tea!

The romance of a Victorian experience

Here we are at the end of our list of thoughts of love for this special month. Let us conclude in grandeur with our unforgettable tea for two Victorian style at Babingtons, from brunch to afternoon tea because there is nothing more romantic than passing a few sweet moments far away from everyone and everything.

Babingtons Brunch for two is the original English brunch. On our menu you will find Eggs Benedict laid on freshly baked, soft, fragrant muffins. Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and a sweet of your choice, all served with freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice and a Babingtons blend of your choosing or Babingtons coffee.

Thoughts of love. February, the month of passion

Our afternoon tea gift voucher is also available offering you our rich Anna Maria’s High Tea or lighter Dorothy’s Cream Tea, and everything in between!

Two unforgettable experience to be savoured as you sit in an atmosphere laced with the aroma of buttery pastries and steaming cups of tea.

However the novelties don’t end here! In case you hadn’t noticed this is our 125th jubilee year! To mark this extraordinary occasion we have come up with Babingtons 18.93 Gift Card, thus commemorating the date of birth of our ancient English Tearooms. This voucher gives you the opportunity to try our brand new blend 125th Tea and Isabel’s Cake, named after one of our founders.

This is a traditional English sponge cake, honouring Queen Victoria herself, which we have enriched with white chocolate, Bourbon vanilla, fresh raspberries and meringue. This delicious cake goes beautifully with our 125th Tea, a blend of black teas from Ceylon and China.

Our gifts cards are available here, you can choose between “Brunch for Two”, “Anna Maria’s High Tea for Two” and “Dorothy’s Cream Tea for Two”.

What more perfect gift than this enchanting tea for two experience at Babingtons?