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Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

2018 is just began: how many of you are thinking to start the new year getting back on shape?

We really need only use a little common sense to get back in shape and cleanse our bodies. We would like to tell you a little secret! Apart from the obvious low calorie diet and exercise which we all know about, it is not common knowledge that certain herbal infusions can be a huge help towards getting back in shape and cleansing our bodies. We will tell you which of these infusions we are talking about.

Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

A tasty way to get in shape

We are referring to tea and herbal infusions made using the most natural ingredients which hold some very important beneficial properties for detoxing, and are rich in antioxidants and regenerative natural attributes which will eliminate the toxic substances accumulated. A true cure-all which should be an essential part of your Detox diet.

Not only is it healthy, but it is also deliciously tasty! If you have never yet tried these herbal teas let us tell you that not only are these infusions mouth-wateringly good, they are filled with scents, aromas, spices and a myriad of colour. Our teas and tisanes are a delight to sip whilst enjoying a quiet moment of peace and relaxation at the end of the day, they are also a good accompaniment at mealtimes or with a light snack.

These are our tips for getting back in shape after some time off - like an holiday for example. One tisane and two types of teas all bearing the Babingtons insignia and suitable for every taste.

Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

Detox Tea : the awesome dandelion!

We couldn’t possibly begin without mentioning our most excellent Babingtons Detox Blend, to drink this blend is an act of unconditional love towards our bodies. In this one cup of deliciousness you will find all the benefits of peppermint, liquorice, camomile, echinacea, burdock, and dandelion.

Let us take a closer look at the dandelion, this innocuous looking plant, reviled by all gardeners, actually contains in its leaves incredibly purifying substances! It will cleanse your liver and urinary tract thus relieving you of the much feared condition of water retention!

Purity Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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Detoxifying ourselves is always a good way to take care of our body and mind. That’s why we have created a detox herbal tea which is also good to drink!

An excellent blend to take at any moment of the day, we would recommend you drink this tea along side a large dish of vegetarian salad made up of raw or cooked vegetables, this way you can savour the slightly spicy aftertaste of this wonderful dandelion tea.

Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

White Passion Tea: naturally sweet

Without a doubt white tea is one of the worlds most prized teas, so much so it has earned itself the title of “tea of the emperors”. It is highly valued not only for its naturally sweet, elegant and delicate flavour but also for its many health benefits, the most important of which are its antioxidant properties. Drinking this tea will leave you with luminous skin as it expels your body’s impurities.

Of course you can now say farewell to sugar as the other great advantage of this tea is that it is naturally sweet! So enjoy the delightfully smooth and scented flavour of White Passion tea with no added sugar!

Royal White Passion Tea - Airtight Tin

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A wonderful, refreshing Pai Mu Tan scented with pear, peach and exotic fruit. The white tea is a perfect base for this light, delicate blend.

It’s not always that simple to get back into shape, we all suffer from small lapses and sudden urges for something sweet. But instead of giving in to the temptations of saturated fats and other sugary food stuffs why not choose a wholesome and delicious cup of sweet White Passion Tea. This tea is great morning or afternoon given it’s low caffeine content.

Getting back on form. Three perfect infusions

Moroccan Secret Tea

Last but by no means least amongst our suggestions for healthy infusions we cannot omit our friend the green tea.

Even if you have never tasted green tea you will surely have heard of its many beneficial properties amongst which it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and diuretic elements. All in all we have in this tea a veritable elixir of health and beauty to purify our bodies from head to toe! So why not include Babingtons Moroccan Secret in you post Christmas diet?

Moroccan Secret Tea - Soft Pack

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Refreshing, slightly sweet Green Tea with Peppermint

At its base we have a Chinese green Gunpowder tea enriched with Moroccan mint. A meeting of exotic aromas to please everyone. We recommend you drink this tea throughout the day and after lunch.