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Rooibos mad: naturally sweet

Rooibos mad: naturally sweet

The rich russet colour of this tea fuses beautifully with autumn’s warm hues. We refer of course to Rooibos , a tea with an overload of beneficial properties and naturally sweet to boot .

Rooibos comes from a very particular part of the world. Let’s see if from this clue you can guess where. The word rooibos came from Afrikaans and literally translated means red bush. Got it?

Rooibos mad: naturally sweet

Rooibos (pronounced roy-bosh) only grows naturally in the World Heritage protected site in the Cederberg coastal mountains in the Western Cape of South Africa, 200 kilometres north of Cape Town . Generations of local farmers have been cultivating this particular tea and thanks to its well loved aspect, look to go on growing rooibos for all time to come! Many have tried to export the rooibos plant to no avail. It seems the Rooibos does not want to move home . . . Giving it an extra little pinch of allure!

An elixir for youth

This is no exaggeration, rooibos really does help hold back time and keep our skin looking youthful. And here is the secret to this elixir for longevity. . . .

For starters rooibos is packed with essential nutrients, for example vitamin C, proteins, iron and magnesium, but above all it is rich in antioxidants , ageing’s worst enemy. Antioxidants fight free radicals, those little molecules you have surely heard of which run around our bodies busily deteriorating our cells. Now that’s what I call good news!

But it doesn’t end here! Rooibos is also a great help toward fighting stress . Imagine getting home after a long hard day at the office, wouldn’t you just love to sip at a sweet natural remedy which will wash away all your accumulated stress and tension? If your answer is yes, then this amazing tea is the solution you are looking for! And still it doesn’t end there! Rooibos is one of the few teas that contain no caffeine therefore has a wonderfully relaxing effect on mind, body and spirit allowing us to get a really good night’s sleep, which we all know is the first rule for a healthy lifestyle.

Rooibos mad: naturally sweet

Naturally sweet

If you are not too keen on the strong and somewhat bitter taste of black and green tea then here you have a delicious alternative with which to take care your wellbeing. Throw away your sugar supply! Rooibos is sweet by nature . Forget sugar, try flavouring it with a little cinnamon or ginger instead, or even a little squeeze of citrus zest. A delicious drink you can have whenever you please because it is not only naturally sweet but contains absolutely no calories !

Rooibos according to Babingtons

So, back to us. Needless to say we adore Rooibos. We have always been rigorously aware of the ingredients we choose, consistently selecting the most healthy and beneficial for you. Ergo we have hand-picked two rooibos tisanes which best represent Babington’s philosophy, id est: flavour and health. All that is left for you to do is to decide whether you prefer to take this tea in the luxury of our historic Tearooms at the foot of the Spanish Steps or in the comfort of your own home. These are our recommendations .

Rooibos mad: naturally sweet

African Nights tisane

This tisane hits our nostrils in a rush of irresistible scents , bringing to mind steamy African nights, hence the name. We have embellished the rooibos with natural strawberry, cherry, rhubarb and blueberry petal aromas . This tea is perfect hot or cold and at any time of year. Being caffeine free it’s also a super drink for the little ones.

African Nights Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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Rich and sweet scented Rooibos.

Rooibos tisane

Here we will be able to fully appreciate the natural flavour of this gift to us from South Africa. Rooibos Tisane releases all the unmistakable tastes and properties that only pure rooibos can give us. A pick me up for all times of the day and great kids as well.

Rooibos Herbal Tea - Airtight Tin

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€ 11.36 + VAT

Preparation Quantity: 2-3g per 200 ml Temperature: 95° Infusion: 6-7 minutes Ingredients Rooibos Tips Ideal at any time of the day